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At GAR Construction LLC, we believe that quality and affordable construction services are hard to come by. This is why we strive to provide our community with immeasurable construction services, unbeatable customer service, and outstandingly affordable rates. If a local owner is seeking a secondary structure on their land or is wanting to revitalize their property;s appeal, GAR Construction LLC is the one for the deal. With numerous construction services available, we are sure to be a one stop shop for our customers. Some of the construction services we offer include roofing, remodeling, renovations, repairs, replacements, additions, concrete, carpentry, cabinetry, framing, new construction, conversions, flooring, and so much more!


In Arizona, a faulty roof is nothing to be taken lightly. With extremely hot weather, unpredictable monsoons, rain showers, and hail, we want to make sure your roof is up to par and able to handle all elements. This is why we offer our righteous roofing services. Our roofing services we offer include roofing installations, roofing designs, roofing re-designs, roofing, re-roofing, roofing repairs, roofing replacements, roofing upgrades, new builds, and more. At GAR Construction LLC, we utilize the highest grade of materials to achieve the greatest results. We offer a variety of roofing types. These roofing types include metal, asphalt, shingle, tile, slate, flat, pitched, foam, and more. Our team of construction professionals happily handle all material procurement as well as project clean up.



At GAR Construction LLC, our remodeling services allow us to provide our customers with the ability to personalize and customize their home or businesses current layout or structure to one that suits all of their needs and exceeds their expectations. Our remodeling services cover both interior elements and exterior elements. Our remodeling services include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, bedroom remodeling, spare room remodeling, arizona room remodeling, closet remodeling, pantry remodeling, cabinet remodeling, garage remodeling, patio remodeling, porch remodeling, deck system remodeling, outdoor accommodations, and more. All of our remodeling services can be utilized on both residential properties and commercial properties.


With numerous construction services to choose from, our framing services are one of our most sought after services. All of our framing services are performed by certified, experienced, and thoroughly trained construction experts. Our construction service professionals use the highest grades of materials and supplies for all of our projects guaranteeing the project's overall lifespan. Adequately trained in all OSHA protocols safety regulations, GAR Construction LLC can ensure that each job is done correctly and up to code. Our framing services include new builds, new construction, remodeling, renovations, and more. All of our framing services are available on commercial and residential scales.



Have you been contemplating adding a new addition into your home or business? Whether it is a guest room addition, a new walk in closet or simply a new play room for the kids, GAR Construction LLC can do that for you and more! At GAR Construction LLC, our construction service technicians offer room additions services. Our room addition services include bedroom additions, guest room additions, bathroom additions, closet additions, storage additions, play room additions, garage additions, specialty room additions, arizona room additions, and much more! With our staff of thoroughly trained, certified, and experienced construction professionals, your dreams of room additions for your home are just a phone call away!


When it comes to concrete, you most certainly want to hire an experienced and certified professional for the job. With GAR Construction, you receive just that! At GAR Construction we proudly offer unsurpassable concrete services. Our concrete services are highly sought after and provide an exceptional addition to any home or business. Our concrete services include new concrete pours, custom concrete pours, concrete footings, concrete foundations, concrete house pads, concrete building pads, concrete retaining walls, and much more! With our concrete services, the possibilities for your home or business are endless! Our certified concrete professionals use nothing but the highest grade of concrete and materials for all jobs ensuring that your services are up to par, done correctly, efficiently, strong and built to last!


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